Side Projects


Justix helps lawyers manage and keep their cases ordered for easy access and assesment. Lawyers can easily manage and keep records of their clients, evidences, witnesses, cases, and many other elements, everything inside Justix.



Nourish is a platform where users can create personal meal plans. Meals can be choosen from a variety of delicious available meals cooked by the chefs. Each day from Monday to Friday, users will receive their selected breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for that day, according to their meal plan.



My personal time tracking application. With Hourglass I can keep track of how I spend my time. For all activities that I am interested in, I can log how many hours I spend on them in order to get better at them. Easy, small, and simple to use.

Features is an online real estate listing platform aimed at Honduras, inspired by a similar platform: from Taiwan. serves as a platform where users can list their own properties that are for sale or for rent, to other users. It displays information in a very clean and neat fashion, and makes navigation super easy for users, without any distractions.