BytesIO File Uploads to Django Using Requests

It's very easy to post file data to Django using requests:

import requests, files={'cover': open('imgpath.jpg', 'rb')})

However I was having a hard time getting that to work using BytesIO. The reason I wanted to use BytesIO was because I was reading the file binary data located in S3, from AWS Lambda. I didn't want to write the file to disk first and then do something like the code shown above.

Here's how to achieve that:

import io

import boto3
import requests

# Object in S3
s3_file = boto3.resource('s3').Object('my-bucket', 'key')

# Read Bytes data into BytesIO
file_bytes = io.BytesIO(s3_file.get()['Body'].read())

# Post file using requests
files = {'avatar': ('myimage.jpg', file_bytes)}'someurl', files=files)

The trick here in order for Django to recognize this file upload, is to define the files dictionary with a tuple that contains a dummy file name along with the binary data. As you can see, the approach that uses open() does not need this, and this is what took me a while to figure out.

If in your Django application you assign a particular file name to the uploaded file, then this dummy name will be discarded after the file is posted.

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